EC.MOBILITY was formed as a result of an innovation change within the automotive industry as well as a high demand for development services and special tools.

We are the experts in the development of new systems in the field of vehicle electronics as well as the validation of sensor-based driver assistance and safety systems.

Our goal is to successfully and reliably support our international customers, mobility manufacturers and suppliers with competence, flexibility, independence and professional engineering services, within a confident and cooperative partnership.

Through years of experience and expertise we are able to offer the best solutions for safety and quality. We benefit from our highly-qualified employees: they are our greatest asset and our success.

At our facilities in Aurangabad (Maharashtra), our range of services encompasses not only embedded software development but also execute complex projects for our customers and manage them throughout the entire product development process: from prototyping and testing to series production. A key focus in the development of the automotive branch is highly-automated and autonomous driving. With our expertise and know-how we thrive to become one of the pioneers of autonomous driving.


Cost-optimized data engineering

Increased efficiency

Streamlining of operational process

Shorter time-to-market

High-quality tools & solutions



From functional software requirements to final software release

Our strengths are in the development of embedded software for electronic control units in vehicles and mobile working machinery, the development of algorithms and functions for autonomous driving as well as industrial automation.


From system requirements to approval of series production

The area of test and validation plays a crucial role in automotive and industrial development processes. Owing to our expertise, we make significant contributions, ensuring high quality systems and optimization of costs.


From initial idea to product realization

We engineer develop components as well as equip prototype vehicles for the testing of new electronic systems. Our extensive skill consist of special mechanical solutions for in-vehicle mounts, to the complete wiring and fitting of vehicles.


Software Tools

Our software tools offer valuable support and smart solutions for generating ground truth data, needed in the development of algorithms and functions for autonomous driving. On one hand the data needs to be aqcuired, on the other hand the data needs to be annotated and enriched in order to provide the best value.

Measurement System

A key factor in the development of autonomous driving is data collection and management. Due to the large volume of data involved, particular technical and logistic challenges arise in measurement technology. We offer the best tools and concepts for the capture and handling of the data. We provide podbox, flash case, seat wedges as measurement system.

Measurement Equipment

We offer customised hardware and software solutions for rapid prototyping and series development and are your partners for professional construction services. In our workshop we develop and manufacture custom-engineered components like monitor- and hard disk drives, SSD mounts and cable assemblies.

Crash Target System

A challenge in the future will be so-called VRUs (vulnerable road users), which will be a focus for future standardisation. VRUs are basically mobile road users such as cyclists, motorbike users and wheelchair users, who are more difficult for current environmental sensors to detect. For this purpose, we use different targets for standard tests.